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09 Feb 11 Daily Keylogger Review

Welcome to the Daily Keylogger Review, before you continue to read below, it's recommended to have a look at the official website of Daily Keylogger

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Overview of Daily Keylogger

Daily Keylogger Computer Spy Laptop software SECRETLY data Each individual thing and is handled on your own Computer! This Computer Keylogger is entirely 100% invisible (concealed about the the person) and password safeguarded so only it really is doable to see what’s going on.

No basic keystroke logger has all ultimate traits and that is why Daily Keylogger? Pc Spy Software stays the preferred for employers desperate to gauge employee productivity, those having to archive their exceptionally own text entries and moms and dads wishing to evaluate their the children Pc & online activity.You’ll be able to established Daily Keylogger? Computer Spy Software program to secretly deliever all recorded log files to any current email address. Help you to look at your Pc from anywhere!

Key Features of Daily Keylogger

Daily Keylogger can record all keystrokes keyed in any application window, particularly person name, e-mail, chats, messages (MSN/AOL/ICQ/AIM ), etc. The keystrokes list also includes the date/time of pretty much every keystroke, & which program/web site was being viewed the moment keystrokes were entered. Restricted to , mastering Passwords! Record Screen Shots

Daily Keylogger Computer Spy Personal pc software have an impact on picture with the Windows Desktop like the automatic surveillance camera! Rrt’ll capture images at set intervals. All pictures might well be saved in your home pc in JPEG format. Nearly every day Keylogger may also time stamp where the screen shot was taken. Record All Emails

Daily Keylogger Computer Spy Software allow you to view all email activity. All written emails and received emails will probably be logged through the keystroke monitoring in addition to screen shot recording. Our Email recording works on all email companies and additionally web-based emails accounts as well as gmail, yahoo & hotmail. Record Web-pages Visited

Daily Keylogger Pc Spy Software allows the capacity record each system, and also date and time the plan was utilized around the target home pc. What your kids are getting referrals should they be supposed that need be doing their homework. Determine if the employees are applying that expensive office software or perhaps just surfing the online market place. Record All Online Searches

Daily Keylogger Pc Spy Computer system software will help you to view all activity made on My Space, Facebook along with other popular network sites. Locate who they may be messaging, which profiles they are simply viewing and who they are communicating with on Facebook, My Space kinds of other marketing sites. Record All Chats & IMsDaily Keylogger Computer Spy Software will help you view all online chats and instant messages made. You are going to see Facebook chats, Google Chats, MSN, AOL, ICQ, AIM, Skype and many others! Discover who they may be messaging, what they’re saying, who they may be emailing etc… Remote Viewing

Daily Keylogger Pc Spy Software application program can deliver reports of recorded activity secretly at set intervals. All logs is often sent by email secretly that you can read at anytime. The log files are stored by starting time and date enabling invest run across important information quickly. Therefore you transpire grow to be rrn a position to view all computer activity from anywhere!

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